Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So much going on this week but let me start by saying I have lost 10 lbs WAHOO Thank you slimfast haha. Tonight we had chicken fettuccine alfredo. Cecilia loved it for me I wanted to eat so much more buttttt duty calls. I don't weigh myself until Fridays haha so I can reward myself with some treats that day! Cecilia took 2 steps today!!!!! It was amazing. I almost cried a little of course Kyle was sleeping. This is going to be a really short blog because I am just down right tired. So I am heading to the tv to watch criminal minds my FAVORITE show and then I am heading to BED!


  1. Yeah Cecilia, soon you will be running around. I can't believe she is growing up so fast.

  2. Way to go Sandee!! I'm so proud of ya! I know I've lost weight. I feel so good. But I weighed myself finally this morning and I was down like a half of pound. I think it was how hot I was though. I like expanded from the heat. Because there's no way I only lost that. I feel like I lost 5! Anyway, good job, and keep it up!